Anthony Michael Interiors: Unparalleled Luxury Overlooking the Chicago City Skyline

April 18, 2017

Atop a Chicago condo high rise sits approximately 3,000 square feet of luxurious penthouse features, complete with irresistible views of lake Michigan and the Chicago city skyline

Location: Chicago, IL

Size: 3 Bedroom   3.5 Bath   Approx. 3,000 Sq. Feet

Designer: Anthony Michael Interior Design, Ltd.

Style: Contemporary/Transitional 

Photography: Jacob Hand Photography

Comfortable, functional, sophisticated, and luxurious are four words rarely used to describe a space simultaneously. In fact, many would argue sophistication and comfort to be a paradox in the world of interior design. But for Anthony Michael Interiors - a Chicago based luxury interior designer - marrying functional comfort to luxury and sophistication is his specialty.

Having been intrigued by Anthony's unique style for quite some time now, I recently met with his PR team in hopes of deconstructing the aesthetic of Anthony's signature look. What started out as a series of design questions quickly turned into an experience that left me feeling inspired and in awe of the many elements and unique details that have been incorporated into the design of this luxury condo. Through the use of  elegant and luxurious fabrics, custom furniture, as well as an array of color schemes, Anthony Michael far exceeds conventional standards in luxury interior design.

Anthony's ability to combine sophistication with unique and unprecedented design elements give him a cutting-edge in the design industry. Each space truly becomes his clients own as no detail is left undone. The custom freestanding ethanol fireplace in this Chicago condo is double sided and adds a touch of versatile modernity to an otherwise contemporary penthouse. The blue suede chairs, gold accents, and marble coffee table are an elegant baseline that set the stage for Anthony to add the unique design elements which best represent his client's taste.

A striking and unique choice of chandeliers is emblematic to Anthony's design approach, as he abides by the saying, “fortune favors the bold." Anthony is certainly not afraid to make bold selections he knows will wow his clients and exceed their expectations. Below the chandelier sits a comfortable seating arrangement which makes for an inviting conversation piece.

At the opposite end of the formal living area sits additional seating with breathtaking views of the Chicago city skyline. The furniture selection is welcoming, practical, and not overdone. What is most notable in Anthony's selections is his ability to achieve balance. While the furniture pieces are simplistic and inviting, he adds a touch of sophistication by selecting an inverted pleat curtain choice to incorporate into the formal living area. The silk fabric adds a hotel-like quality to the space which keeps the design from losing its luxurious aesthetic.

The dining area is characterized by striking contrast. The combination of wallcoverings and paint next to the custom white tufted leather panels make for a bold and eye-catching design. The use of various textures create a sophisticated aesthetic that is uniquely customized through the addition of the fun chandelier pictured.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this condo is the hall coat closet located in the foyer. Anthony's ability to think outside the box is overtly displayed through his use of two Tibetan antique doors he had framed shadowbox style. Its stunning appeal lies in the way the doors function.When the doors roll together, it looks like a large piece of framed art on the wall. When they roll apart, they reveal the walk-in closet. 

Anthony's impressive attention to detail doesn't stop there. The walls in the hallway were hand-painted by a local Chicago artist to look like stone. 

Additional unique detail is added through track doors made of glass and wood with oversized nailhead trim. The doors are located off the main hallway and were custom designed by Anthony. The doors add cohesion to the other framed antique doors and they enclose a small study-media room with amazing views.

The study-media lounge was designed as a quiet refuge to take in the breathtaking views of the city skyline. The color choices are otherwise dark as the space was also designed to be cozy for movie watching.  

Each room in Anthony's designs has a unique aesthetic that seeks to create a specific ambiance. In this guestroom, the goal was to create a soothing, calming, and relaxing space. The light and airy color choices certainly do so, and the custom headboard and grasscloth wallcoverings add a sophisticated touch of texture to the room. 

The neutral color choices enhance the breathtaking views of the city skyline.

In the second guestroom dark charcoal colors are a departure from other bedrooms. The aesthetic is more masculine, moody, and contains some black and white sports memorabilia.

The amount of detail and creativity that go into each room is nothing shy of impressive. So how does Anthony and his team get their inspiration for each room? “We are mostly inspired by our clients and the vision and personality that they bring to the project! ...We translate their ideas and wishes, while striving to be innovative, on trend and sophisticated."  

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  1. what a classical and lovely designing ideas!

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